What I Ate, a Personal Food Journey for you.

What I Ate - Almost Ming Lei Char Siu
What I Ate - Almost Ming Lei Char Siu
My Almost Ming Lie’s Char Siu

Thanks for checking out my food blog, What I Ate. I have been planning to create a food blog that features yummy food I have eaten and created for quite some time. Since I have been posing my cooks on both Instagram and Facebook I have been getting a lot of requests for help or my recipes for different things. So it seems like the perfect time to start documenting recipes so that friends, family, and followers have access to try them out for themselves.

My first post on the Last Unicorn Cheese Dip is one of the best examples of the things I like to create. Living in Maine for almost 30 years you really get spoiled with all the great locally-owned restaurants (like The Last Unicorn) that there are to enjoy. Moving to Florida 6 years ago one thing that I noticed is that the chain restaurants are king, and the locally owned places are hard to find. The other problem is that there are so many bad locally owned places that a lot of time you will choose a chain instead of just trying a local place in our local downtown. It takes a lot of work and money to find a good local place. Its why I primarily cook at home and that I really like to recreate foods from home.

Some of my first posts here on What I Ate will be some of the staples that I make that my friends and family love. I will be teaching you how to make your own bacon at home, the best rib roast that you will ever have, a New England style char siu that is just killer, and countless BBQ recipes. These are a mix of me creating items for what my own flavor pallet and items that will surprise you how much they taste like foods from home. My goal with this blog is to fill it with yummy items for you to create your own memories with your family.

This is also my first real dip into blogging on my own. I have created and ran blogs for others through my business, but never really had the time or have wanted to put the time into my own blog. I will do my best to make my post not borning and not long. At What I Ate I will also be taking all my own photos, so please excuse the quality as I get started, I promise to do the proper research as we go along. Please also if I am not posting enough photos or to many please let me know. I want to be as descriptive as possible without going overkill.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my intro and I hope that you keep coming back for more cooking ideas recipes.

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