Last Unicorn Cheese Dip (Knockoff)

One of my favorite places to eat whenever I go back home is The Last Unicorn in Waterville, Maine. The restaurant changed ownership about 10 years ago, and the new owners have kept all the staple dishes and has maintained an ultra-high quality. A rarity when someone buys an established eatery in this day of age. The cheese dip is our favorite appetizer, and its same quality and taste as it always has been. We are only able to make it up to visit once a year, and even though we try to make it here on our trip, we are not always able to make it here.  So, after missing The Last Unicorn the last couple of years on our trip to Maine I decided to attempt to make their cheese dip. To my surprise, it was a very successful attempt.

The Last Unicorn cheese dip is an ultra-secret recipe. The owners don’t even share it with employees or the cooks in the kitchen. The only tip I was able to find was a blog post that shared the four cheeses used to make the dip. Those four kinds of cheese are manchego, asiago, cheddar, and gouda. The tricky part for me was that manchego was hard for me to find. I’m not sure if it’s just hard to find locally or if I was able to go to Whole Food that I would have been able to find it, but I did not have this luxury so I had to find an acceptable replacement. After some research I found that European Cheddar Cheese is close replacement, but I was skeptical that I would be able to get the same flavor profile.

I selected the cheeses ( I went with all basic block cheese but chose a sharp White Vermont Cheddar and the replacement Italian White Cheddar) I headed home to give this dip a try. I had to sit down and really think about the flavor profile of their dip so that I could get all prepped in my kitchen make this properly. After a lot of thinking I was able to gather everything I thought I would need to cure my craving for the ever so famous Last Unicorn Cheese dip. Try out the recipe below and let me know in the comments what you think. I know that it’s not exact, but I feel that the taste was about as close as you can get without knowing exactly how its put together.

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